Kayla studied the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and spent time in Plum Village, the French monastery where he lives.

Her life revolves around compassion and service to others, and those who know her know that her work is fed by a deep multidimensional spirituality.

[Regarding engaged spirituality] The premise is essentially: do good things, don’t just hide away in a monastery and pray; also be active in the world and do good. Really, that religion and spirituality tell us to be engaged with our fellow brothers and sisters and that is an essential and integral part of being a follower of God, caring for one another, which in the end is caring for yourself and God.  (Kayla’s blog, 6/1/10)

Let’s all open our eyes and expose ourselves towards a direction of truth regarding this world we live in. There is sickness and beauty, there is magic all around us; I forget that sometimes. Plum Village helped me remember and forever I will believe it with all my fleeting existence.   (Kayla’s blog, 10/29/10)